oooooooo Farm & Country House OOOoooOO

near the medieval town of Orthez

O Béarn OOOOOOO Pyrénées Atlantiques OOOOOO Aquitaine





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agricultural farm dependencies

manor's southern facade

water, sewer, heating and electrical facilities are already in place

Farm in rural Béarn, 1,3 miles north from the center of the medieval village of Orthez with very attractive group of buildings all built around a central garden-courtyard
It is located in Béarn's countryside (Pyrénées Atlantiques), set on 2,5 acres (1 ha.) of private parkland amidst gentle hills.
It offers magnificent views to the entire chain of the Pyrenees mountains, bordering with Spain
The country house manor has been awarded by the local County Council the qualification "outstanding rural dwelling" 

The manor, confortable and well equipped with spacious accomodation, and entirely renovated and upgraded in 2007 by its current owner 
(including beams, complete electrical re-wiring and re-plumbing, municipal-gaz central heating and isolation), offering the comforts of modern life without incurring further expenditures
It dates from late 16th century and early 18th and 19th centuries. 
The manor's key stone above the entrance door displays the date 1598 which is set during the reign of Henry IV (1553-1610) King of France and Navarre

The farm has its own well on top of the hill and comprises several residential and agricultural buildings:


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OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO entrance to the courtyard under the porch-dovecote (1717)OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOcourtyard with Béarn arquitectural styled manor and agricultural dependenciesO





double room


Spacious beamed double bedroom (350 sq. ft.) with direct access to a private toilet & bathroom (bathtub & large shower cabin)

double room


Spacious beamed double bedroom (387 sq. ft.) with direct access to a toilet & bathroom with a large shower cabin and spacious 94 sq. ft. walk-in-closet o

"double room


Double bedroom (199 sq. ft.) with direct access to a private toilet & bathroom with a large shower cabin

"François Fébus" (single)



Single bedroom (166 sq. ft) with direct access to a toilet & bathroom with a large shower cabin
Alternatively used as home office



southern facade


view from the farm of Orthez's campaign at dawn and the Pyrenees mountains

garden view and Orthez's countryside with a view of the chain of the Pyrenees mountains


entrance to the courtyard through the porch-dovecote (dated 1717)


entrance and reception hallway with stairs


beamed living room - library


kitchen with fireplace and dining table


a walk in the southern private garden to the monument of Wellington's Orthez battle


historic information

It is a family of traders, the Camescasse - which appears in a protestant parish register of Orthez in the 16th century - who buys the property in march 29, 1775. The seller is the Pouilhan Gerton family. Predominantly protestant in the early 17th century, since 1685 the marriages and baptisms of the Camescasse family were celebrated at a catholic church so as to give a civil status to their children, after the Edict of Nantes signed in April 1598 by Henry IV, King of France and Navarre to promote civil unity in France. It is for the first time in 1640 that the Camescasse appear in a catholic parish register.

It is with all probability that the Pouilhan-Gerton family built the manor in the late 16th century. The property comprises several residential buildings and dependencies for agricultural use. The oldest country manor house bears the date 1598 on the key stone of the main entrance door.

Due to unsuccessful business deals with his brother-in-law Paul Lacoste and his nephew Mathieu Lacoste, Jean Junior Camescasse sold to the latter in 1818 the Gerton property for an amount of 16,000 pounds. After the acquisition of the property by the Lacoste family in 1818 - shortly after Wellington's battle of Orthez in 1814 - a second body housing was built between the old manoir of the 16th century and an agricultural dependency. The main northern facade was then redone to harmonise the old and the new bodies of the manor.

The Lacoste family continued to own the farm in the year 2007.

A monument to those French, English and Portuguese soldiers killed in the battle of Orthez between Wellington and General Soult (February 24th, 1814) is located in the farm's garden by the roadside to Dax. At the time of the battle, the Count of Armagnac, which formed the left wing of General Reille, settled in Le Clos Gerton, the manoir having probably been occupied by Wellington after his victory.


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