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Farm in rural Béarn, with very attractive group of buildings all built around a central garden-courtyard
It is set on 2,5 acres (1 ha.) of private parkland amidst gentle hills, offering magnificent views to the entire chain of the Pyrenees mountains, bordering with Spain
The country house manor has been awarded by the local County Council the qualification "outstanding rural dwelling"

The manor, confortable and well equipped with spacious accomodation, entirely renovated and upgraded in 2007 by its current owner
(including beams, complete electrical re-wiring and re-plumbing, municipal-gaz central heating and isolation), offering the comforts of modern life without incurring further expenditures
It dates from late 16th century and early 18th and 19th centuries. 
The manor's key stone above the entrance door displays the date 1598 which is set during the reign of Henry IV (1553-1610) King of France and Navarre

The farm has its own well on top of the hill and comprises several residential and agricultural buildings: