Clos Gerton

bed & breakfast manor guesthouse OOOOOOO chambres d' hôtes

accomodation in Orthez

O Béarn OOOOOOO Pyrénées Atlantiques OOOOOO Aquitaine


opening & closing dates
april 1st - october 10th







property description


Clos Gerton (ou Jertou in occitan language) is a farm set on 2,5 acres (1 ha.) of private parkland amidst gentle hills
offering magnificent views to the entire chain of the Pyrenees mountains, bordering with Spain, 1,3 miles north from the center of the medieval village of Orthez.

The manor offers two bed & breakfast guest rooms

The country house and farm buildings date from late 16th century and early 18th and 19th centuries

The country house manor has been awarded by Orthez's County Council the qualification "outstanding rural dwelling"

The farm buildins date from late 16th century and early 18th and 19th centuries.
The manor's key stone above the entrance door displays the date 1598 which is set during the reign of Henry IV (1553-1610) King of France and Navarre

The manor, confortable and well equipped with spacious accomodation, has been entirely renovated and upgraded in 2007 offering the comforts of modern life



agricultural farm dependencies

manor's southern facade


Farm in rural Béarn, with very attractive group of buildings all built around a central garden-courtyard

The farm has its own well on top of the hill and comprises several residential and agricultural buildings:

* the manor (362 m2)
* the old wine and oil press building was redesigned and enlarged in the early 19th century to become the house of the "metayer", a cultivator on join account
* the wine cellar
* hay barn and stable for horse-drawn carriages
* another hay barn and garage
* hog pen and hen house
* porch-dovecote (the "colombarium") dated 1717 avec "arc en anse de panier et toit à l'impériale", giving acces to the courtyard. In medieval France, the possession of a dovecote was often a symbol of status and power and was OOregulated by law. Only nobility had this special privilege untill 1789, known as "droit de colombier"

A private parking is available


read "historic information"



entrance to the courtyard under the porch-dovecote (1717)OOOOOOOOOOOOOOcourtyard with manor and agricultural dependenciesO



view from Clos Gerton of Orthez campaign at dawn and the Pyrenees mountains

* * *



master bedroom "Catherine de Foix"

Located on the first floor

Spacious twin room (18'8" x 18'8") with two large single beds (3'11" x 6'3")
Facing south and providing exceptional views of the park, 13th century Moncade Tower in Orthez and the Pyrenees mountains

Room fitted with TV, free internet WIFI access and fan
All linen provided including bath and beach towels

Private access to a fully equipped bathroom

master bedroom "Catherine de Foix"

view of the garden from the bedroom


private toilet and bathroom with a bathtub and a large shower cabin

view of the porche-dovecote from the bathroom's window

* * *

bedroom "the Pigeonnier"

Located on the first floor

Spacious room (14'1" x 14'1") with a large double bed (5'3" x 6'3")
Facing the dovecote standing in the garden-courtyard

Room fitted with TV, free internet WIFI access and fan
All linen provided including bath and beach towels

Direct acces from the bedroom to a private bathroom


" le Pigeonnier" bedroom

view of the porche-dovecote from the bedroom's window


private toilet and bathroom with a large shower cabin





opening & closing dates: april 1st - october 10th


rates (euros)

"Catherine de Foix"




The price includes overnight occupancy of a double room
by one or two persons

we apply a 10% discount for weekly rentals
week-ends and week-days, same price

room service is not available

Check-in from 4:00 p.m. onwards on
your scheduled day of arrival

please let us know if you are likely to arrive
before 4:00 p.m. or after 8:00 p.m.

Check-out by 11:00 a.m. on
your scheduled day of departure






"le Pigeonnier"



Prices are indicated per night


Room cleaning service is included

Inclusive of all taxes ("taxe de séjour")

A breakfast buffet is included in the price



booking accomodation conditions

The following conditions  incorporate the basis upon which bookings are undertaken

Bookings made online through a third party advertising agency
may be subject to differing terms and conditions in force at the time of booking

Bookings should therefore be made after reading the conditions explained in this website

In case of discrepancy between the information provided by the said agencies and on this page,
only the content of the latter is valid and updated

If you have any questions please contact us ( before making a booking














Reservation requests are to be made by e-mail, please:

We will send you also by e-mail your valid booking confirmation
after a deposit payment has been cleared (see deposit & payment below)







deposit & payment

















A non-refundable security deposit of 25 € per room/per night by direct bank transfer
can be asked to secure your room accomodation

For payment of the deposit by bank-to-bank transfer, please use the account details provided below:

Relevé d'Identité Bancaire (R.I.B.): O30002 / 03533 / 0000039631W / 83 O domiciliation: Le Crédit Lyonnais, Orthez (LCL)
International Bank Account Number (IBAN): FR09 3000 2035 3300 0003 9631 W83 (BIC Bank Identifier Code or SWIFT code) CRLYFRPP

Please e-mail us a copy of the receipt or your wire transfer

The remaining amount for booking (full amount due minus deposit) can be paid at the end of your stay,
although the property reserves the option of requesting full payment upon your arrival

Please note that for payment of the final balance due:

* we accept cash payment

* for stays over 4 nights, we accept personal or business cheque issued only by French banks

OOOOOO however

* we do not accept credit or debit card payments
* we do not accept bank-to-bank transfers (for this final payment)



















Outline of applicable booking cancellation provisions:

Any cancellation by the client must be advised by
telephone (0033)(0) 684 921 145, or preferably by e-mail (

Unless a prior arrangement is made with the owner,
the deposit paid is non refundable:

* in case of cancellation, or
* if failing to cancel your reservation, you do not take up your room the day reserved in your booking

Please take also notice that in case of early departure,
the entire stay is due as per your initial booking reservation

We advise all potential guests to take comprehensive travel insurance (including cancellation cover)
against medical misfortune, theft, loss and personal incidents, accidents and/or liabilities
while upon our grounds, since these will not be covered by the owner's insurance









We regret the premises are not suitable for children under the age of 12

However, between the age of 12 and 18, they are welcome
within the supervision of their parents and will receive a 10% discount





We truly regret that pets cannot be allowed



















Breakfast buffet is included in the rates

Fruit juices, hot drinks: coffee, breakfast tea, infusions and milk
breads and brioches, toasts, mini croissants and other pastries, marmalade,
cereals and muesli, yoghurt

Ham OOOO Seasonal fruit basket is not forgotten

flexible hours for breakfast
8:30 - 10:00 a.m.



NO-SMOKING allowed within the premises as per French legislation




good care















The client agrees to be a considerate tenant and to take good care of the residence and its facilities
The client also agrees to leave the residence « as found » at the end of the rental period

Although a final clean through is included in the price, the owner
reserves the right to make a retention from the security deposit to cover
any additional cleaning costs if the client leaves the residence in an unacceptable condition

Please, be aware that Clos Gerton reserves the right to terminate at any time the stay of any guest when
not applying common sense and/or bad behaviour are becoming unacceptable

A non compliance to our NON-SMOKING policy may constitute
an immediate termination of your stay, according to French law

In such cases, any outstanding account must be settled and no refunds will be made

Under no circumstances shall the owner liability to the client exceed the amount already paid to the owner under the booking agreement

The owner shall not be liable to the client for matters that are beyond his control





contact & location
how to get there


To make a reservation, please contact us preferably by e-mail (



How to get there:

  • highway A64, take exit number 8 (Orthez)
  • road D817 from Bayonne and/or Pau
  • road D415 («route Impériale") from Bayonne
  • road D947 from Dax
  • road D933 from Mont-de-Marsan




southern facade



view of Orthez's countryside at dawn in december and Clos Gerton's garden


white hortensia Hydrangea paniculata  “Sundae Fraise”  next to the porch-dovecote (1717)
view from a southern window of the Moncade Tower (Orthez) and behind it, the Pyrenees mountains  


common areas

There are several common areas in the house where you can watch TV,
read a book in the living room-library, or relax by the fireplace

It also has terraces, a shaded table in the courtyard and a large private garden for walks

There is also available downstairs a powder room


entrance and hallway



beamed living room-library
between books and relaxation, an invitation to rest
TV 127 cms / 50 in.


fireplace and breakfast table


the fireplace

ourdoors on a summer evening


a walk in the southern private garden to the monument of Wellington's Orthez battle

monument to those French, English and Portuguese soldiers killed in the battle of Orthez between Wellington and General Soult



historic information

It is a family of traders, the Camescasse - which appears in a protestant parish register of Orthez in the 16th century - who buys the property of Gerton or Jertou in march 29, 1775. The seller is the Pouilhan Gerton family. Predominantly protestant in the early 17th century, since 1685 the marriages and baptisms of the Camescasse family were celebrated at a catholic church so as to give a civil status to their children, after the Edict of Nantes signed in April 1598 by Henry IV, King of France and Navarre to promote civil unity in France. It is for the first time in 1640 that the Camescasse appear in a catholic parish register.

It is with all probability that the Pouilhan-Gerton family built the manor of Clos Jertou in the late 16th century.

Le Clos has several residential buildings and dependencies for agricultural use. The oldest country manor house bears the date 1599 on the key stone of the main entrance door. The Camescasse family, at the time a merchant boilermaker and afterwards Bordeaux shipowner and international trader, had paid 7,736 pounds for a "maison, grange, fournière, pressoir, basse-cour, airial, arbres, jardin et prairie, le tout en un tenant" located by the new royal road Orthez-Dax, next to Testevin farm. The property included other lands beyond the royal road, "prairie, vigne, hautin et bois, fonds labourables et touyaas", plus a piece of land and touya. On the same day, Jean Camescasse purchased from Jean Pouilhan the land called "Crabe " and a piece of land called "lou casau Lalanne" or "Cambot ", located in the vicinity of Gerton. The acquisition of a farm with a "metayer" (a cultivator on join account) was at the time considered a safe investment and a profitable endeavour with the crops it provided, not to mention the rest it provided to the family as well as the image of greater respectability it gave its owners, especially when traders were concerned.

Due to unsuccessful business deals with his brother-in-law Paul Lacoste and his nephew Mathieu Lacoste, Jean Junior Camescasse sold to the latter in 1818 the Gerton property for an amount of 16,000 pounds. After the acquisition of the property by the Lacoste family in 1818 - shortly after Wellington's battle of Orthez in 1814 - a second body housing was built between the old manoir of the 16th century and an agricultural dependency. The main northern facade was then redone to harmonise the old and the new bodies of the manor.

* From Anne- Catherine Marin ; " The Camescasse a family of Protestants orthéziens (XVI - XVIII centuries ) ," Review and Pau Béarn No. 19 , 1992. CEPB No. 5 , Archives departamentales Pyrénées Atlantiques , Pau. (translation)

The Lacoste family continued to own the Clos Gerton in the year 2007.

A monument to those French, English and Portuguese soldiers killed in the battle of Orthez between Wellington and General Soult (February 24th, 1814) is located in the garden of Clos Gerton by the roadside to Dax. At the time of the battle, the Count of Armagnac, which formed the left wing of General Reille, settled in Le Clos Gerton, the manoir having probably been occupied by Wellington after his victory.


selected guide for tourist, historical and cultural travelers

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(Labourd / Basse-Navarre / Soule / Béarn)
and Navarre (Spain)

suggestions on places to visit OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO places not to miss

municipalities of Pyrenees Atlantiques (Aquitaine)


the castle and the city of Pau (29 miles) 
church Saint Sylvestre  Saint Colome (valley of Ossau) (44 miles) 
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church Sainte Marie Madeleine Hôpital d'Orion (Entre deux Gaves) (8 miles) 

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Eaux-Bonnes (valley of Ossau) (55 miles)  
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castle-farm of Laxague, Ostabat (33 miles) 
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the city of Saint Palais (25 miles) 
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chapel Saint Antoine or "de la Paix"  Musculdy (panoramic view) (31 miles) 
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church Notre Dame de l'Assomption and the charme of the village Ainhoa (61 miles) 
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ancient fortified village and the golf club Fuenterrabia (70 miles) 
San Sebastián (82 miles)  
Zarauz (93 miles) 
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inland municipalities in Spain


the streets and the church San Esteban
 Vera del Bidasoa (73 miles) 
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the streets and the church Santa María  Echalar (77 miles) 
natural reserve and park of the Señorío de Bértiz (86 miles) 
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gothic cathedral of Pamplona (90 miles via Roncesvalles)    
historical heritage of Estella (117 miles via Roncesvalles) 
the 11th century bridge and the medieval village of  Puente la Reina (106 miles via Roncesvalles) 
12th century romanesque church of Eunate (Muruzábal) (106 miles via Roncesvalles)
13th century gothic church Saint Vincent  Larumbe (102 miles via Roncesvalles) 





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Golf d' Arcangues (Labourd) (51 miles)
Golf de Biarritz Le Phare (Labourd) (54 miles)
Golf de Chantaco (Saint Jean de Luz, Labourd) (58 miles)
Golf de Chiberta (Anglet, Labourd) (52 miles)
Golf Epherra (Souraïre, Labourd) (50 miles)
Golf d' Ilbarritz (Bidart, Labourd) (53 miles)
Golf de La Nivelle (Ciboure, Labourd) (59 miles)
Makila Golf Club (Bassussarry, Labourd) (49 miles)
Oloron Golf Club les Vallées (Ledeuix, Béarn) (30 miles)
Golf de Pau Atiguelouve (Artiguelouve, Béarn) (23 miles)
Pau Golf Club 1856 (Billère, Béarn) (27 miles)
Golf Club Hélios (Salies de Béarn, Béarn) (12 miles)


Golf de Mont-de-Marsan (41 miles)
Golf d' Hossegor (44 miles)
Le Golf Blue Green de Seignosse (45 miles)
Les Greens d'Eugénie - Golf du Tursan (Bahus-Soubiran) (33 miles)


Club de Golf Ulzama (Guerendiain, valley of Ulzama) (62 miles)
Club Golf Gorraiz (Gorraiz, very near Pamplona, valle de Egüés) (88 miles, via Roncesvalles)
Señorío de Zuasti Golf Club de Campo (Zuasti, very near Pamplona, cendea de Iza) (98 miles, via Roncesvalles)


Real Golf Club de San Sebastián (Fuenterrabia) (70 miles)




La Pierre Saint Martin (Arette) (52 miles)
(63 miles)
(Eaux Bonnes) (61 miles)



Cauterets (70 miles)
Gavarnie (82 miles)



Pirineo Aragonés


Astún (63 miles)
Candanchú (Huesca) (63 miles)
Formigal (Huesca) (76 miles)

Pirineo Catalán


Baqueira Beret (valle de Arán, Lérida) (129 miles)


Hendaye OOOOOO Saint Jean de Luz OOOOOO Ilbarritz OOOOOO Biarritz OOOOOO Anglet OOOOOO Les Landes



Hendaye (66 miles)

Saint Jean de Luz (59 miles)


Ilbarritz (Bidart) (57 miles)


Biarritz (55 miles)


Anglet (47 miles)


the non-ending sand beaches lined with dunes of Les Landes
Hossegor, Capbreton, Seignosse (44 miles, via Peyrehorade)

* * *



Bookings made on-line through an advertising agency (Booking, Airbnb, etc.)
should be made after reading the conditions explained in this website

In case of discrepancy between the information provided by the agencies and on this page,
only the content of the latter is valid and updated


comments from clients

Comments from BOOKING agency's clients (based on 22 comments, year 2014)

General review score (fabuleux / superb) 9,4

Cleanliness 9,7

Comfort 9,6

Location 9,1

Facilities 9,2

Staff 9,3

Value for money 9,7

Wi-Fi 9,1



Chatminou Persone (France) 25.05.2014

Tous mes voeux de succés! 
Not only Clos Gerton is in a fabulous position but is exquisite! 
No doubt any one who will choose to have the privilege to stay within its walls, will fall under all its magic... 
be they the beautiful landscape,.. the decor ... last but not least, the charm and erudition of the host!



Rapport qualité/prix excellent pour cette demeure décorée classiquement avec beaucoup de gout. Le petit déjeuner copieux servi dans la superbe cuisine malgré un départ à l'aube de notre fait. Accueil chaleureux par le propriétaire, passionné d'histoire et de culture des langues, qui a crée une fondation pour défendre son point de vue: intéressant.
Nous y sommes restés trop peu de temps pour y trouver des défauts.


Marisa y Luis Vals (Espagne) 27.05.2014

Desde Clos Gerton hemos viajado descubriendo la maravillosa región del Bearne.
Y nuestros días de reposo en esa antigua granja han sido para recordarlos siempre.
La acogida, el confort, la belleza del lugar y la alegría de la casa, las vistas de la campiña
y de los Pirineos... fantástico.
Volveremos con nuestros amigos.


Martin, Woking, Surrey (GB)

Large room. Comfortable bed. Spotlessly clean. Good breakfast. Host Easy access. Parking facilities. You must set aside 2 hours to share an engaging conversation with Carlos Sanchez-Marco: One of the most interesting people you will ever have the privilege to meet!



Un lugar perfecto para descansar, la habitación enorme y preciosa. El dueño fue absolutamente encantador, nos sentimos como en casa.
Defectos. No podría mencionar nada.


Robert, . (FR)

Friendly helpful service. Excellent bed and quality breakfast
Very har to find. No sign or number outside the property.


Heidrun, . (AT)

Der Charme der Unterkunft - ein liebevoll restauriertes, mit allen Annehmlichkeiten versehenes Schloss, die geräumigen, komfortablen Zimmer und der überaus nette, gebildete und interessante Gastgeber.


Carol Hayward (U.K.) OOOO June 2014

Good morning, Carlos,
Our overnight stay in your beautiful house is still a vivid and very pleasurable memory.


Jean-Pierre Fox (France) 0000 Juillet 2014

La gentillesse et la grande culture de notre hôte 
Il n'y a rien que j'aie à reprocher


Madalina Panait (Montpelier, France)00000 Août 2014

Warm and generous host. The opportunity of meeting Mr Sanchez-Marco was an unexpected surprise which made the staying even more pleasant. 
The house is very well situated and offers an amazing view over the Pyrenees. We recommend Clos Gerton with no reserves.


Deb Grainger (Australia) 00000 Août 2014

All of it: Gentleman owner provided tremendous comfort and knowledge of the area; great home to enjoy and relax in; wonderful view as home is elevated, of the Pyrenees; spacious bedroom and bathroom with walk in shower with choice of two shower heads in full working order; great breakfast included in very reasonable rate. The town provided a choice of restaurant and the one we chose satisfied our needs. 


Ian Walker (U.K.) 0000000 Août 2014

We where made to feel like part of the family not a paying guest. A wonderful experience all round


Alessandro Notari (Italy) 00000 Août 2014

Bellissima casa arredata con classe e gusto, in posizione panoramica. 
Colazione ricca e curata nei dettagli. 
Gentilezza nell'accoglienza e completa flessibilità verso gli orari


Heidrun Greif(Austria) 00000 Août 2014

Der Charme der Unterkunft - ein liebevoll restauriertes, mit allen Annehmlichkeiten versehenes Schloss, die geräumigen, komfortablen Zimmer und der überaus nette, gebildete und interessante Gastgeber.